Allistair Covell – Eclipse rug

Written by cathysmale

On February 15, 2017

From the 7th – 9th February Digswell Artist Allistair Covell showed his rug Eclipse, produced in collaboration with Rug-Maker, at the Surface Design Show 2017 in London. The trade show is the only event in the UK that focuses solely on interior and exterior surfaces, bringing innovative materials to life.

The Eclipse rug was hand-knotted in Nepal and made from the finest New Zealand wool and is a brilliantly showcases Allistair’s ability to produce dynamic works of contemporary art with a twist: the rug can be hung from the wall or be the centre piece on the floor of an interior. Eclipse, with its painterly surface pattern and vibrant colours, is the perfect taster of the new rugs that will feature in Allistair’s next #CanvasToCarpet collection later in the year.

This is the second time in the last few months that the Eclipse rug has been shown in London. In October 2016 Allistair was invited by Campaign For Wool to show his work in the worlds first ‘Wool BnB’ during the UK’s “Wool Week”, the annual global celebration of all things wool. Curated by Karina Garrick, the Wool BnB was a showcase of wool within a domestic environment and presented how accessible wool is as a fibre and how many wool products are available for the home.

Three rugs from Allistair’s first #CanvasToCarpet collection, ‘Rhythm’, ‘Paint’ and ‘Eclipse’, were chosen to be featured, adorning the walls of the sitting room while downstairs his wool stitched painting, ‘Composition IV’, hung in the dinning room.

For further details on Campaign For Wool and a virtual tour of the Wool BnB visit:

Photograph by Peter Dixon

Eclipse Rug

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