Anna Perlin

Anna is a painter and print maker, creating distinctive work which is inspired by the environment around her. The beautiful English countryside as well as gardens and flowers are continuing themes in her work, as well as friends and family. 

Graduating in Textile design and marketing in 2001, she initially worked in the retail world before realising that she didn’t want to regret not taking her passion for art further. She has been a full time artist ever since and her work has been exhibited widely.

After experimenting with different forms of print making including collagraph and trace monoprint, carborundum print making has emerged as her favourite which she uses to create most of her work. Carborundum is a print making technique more commonly used in abstract prints. Carborundum itself is the ‘grit’ used to make sandpaper and by mixing it in a variety of ratios with glue and painting it onto a printing plate which is then inked up intaglio, tonal ranges can be created producing a relatively ‘painterly’ print. The techniques used to create the plates make them very delicate & so only around 5 prints can be pulled before the carborundum wears off. Colour is added during printing with Chine Colle (collage) or after printing with pastel or watercolour.

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