Anton Psak MA

antonpsakThe source of the inspiration for my paintings can be refered as ‘autobiographical narrative’; it provides the foundation of characteristic intense feelings and allows me to determine its relation to sensory driven experience.

Therefore, the conceptualization of my studio practice is informed by psychoanalytical thinking, reflecting mainly on the collective unconscious and its symbols. Within my work, I am carefully considering the influence of social cognitive network on the very individual ‘mind’.

The choice of oil as a medium, which predominates in my practice, is conditional to its historical context, social expectation and the illusionary impossibility of challenging this.

I am using a combination of wet-on-wet and glazing techniques, which allow me to layer my memories and be in a control of letting-in the viewer. The illusion of appearance or rather the ‘semblance’ of content is the main theme of my work and that hopefully makes my paintings a carrier of certain psychological qualities.

Last but not least, I try to reinforce all of that by providing the space for ‘The Gaze’ driven by ‘the desire’ to reach the depth of the painting, contrasting with absence, there can only be a surface and a limit to what the painter can provide a viewer.

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