Barbara Panico

DSCN5602Multi media, Installation

Barbara explores the relationships between identifying and perception of the brain, creating a presence and an absence; in the way we visually see and understand our surroundings. Addressing the issue of today’s difficultly defined border between mental, bodily, and technological, with a bias towards contemporary methodical theories concerning the Physiology function of the brain and the way we see.

The project explores forms, space and materials, utilising light projections and reflections. Looking at possible connections between art and the science of the mind, raising questions of the roles of (new) media (projection) and the development of both areas. Bringing imagery and technologies together to form an artificial, yet seemingly organic mental and physical presence. In a broader perspective, Barbara aims to stimulate questions relating to the dichotomy between the physical and mental, the eternal and transitory nature of the medium of light projection, 3D imagery and instillations. By creating dissolution imagery, the exterior and technologically perceived exterior, presents the question of visible and invisible, physical and mental.

Space is of prime importance on many levels. She is interested in inter-space, a space of relationships, and the relative, virtual, imaginary and subjective space. There is an importance to the setting and the position of the works in a concrete space, as well as imaginary relations among them established by the viewer. Barbara is also interested in the space of the object of light. Transparency of Perspex and magnifying plastic erases boundaries of inner and external space, while light causes a transition of material into immaterial, a passage into an illusionary space. Thus wanting to create intermediary territories of visionary spatial movements. Using materials such as the Transparency of glass acts as a mirror, its reflection is not only turned back but can also be seen through. In the intersection of reflection and transparency there opens a movable, virtual image.

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