Bob Spriggs MA

Bob is a sculptor who creates stunning three, and sometimes four, dimensional, works with a geometric, abstract focus. His practice is informed by mathematics and science. He was a Physicist, working in a number of academic institutions in the UK, for more than twenty years. Art was always part of his life but, when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013, he retired from his science career and devoted himself to art full-time. The opportunity to pursue his creative side has been the silver lining to his MS cloud.

He was awarded a Masters degree, with Commendation, in Fine Art in 2017 and has exhibited widely across the UK, installing large, kinetic sculptures in a number of venues. These 4D pieces are constructed using magnets and sophisticated electronics and draw on Bob’s science knowledge. Bob recognizes that physics is creative and has a beauty all of its own. Science is not the subject of his work, he uses science as a medium from which he creates very special pieces.

He is showing his latest work later this year, at Arts4Every1 in High Wycombe. It is the largest sculpture he has made so far, an array of 100 pendulums each four metres long, called ‘Community’. The pendulums contain magnets which repel one another, so, moving one affects them all. The complex oscillations that result are mesmerizing. He is also showing a series of reliefs, Turning Corners, based on mathematical figures but incorporating mathematical algorithms to make unique objects. The highly reflective, aluminium elements respond to light in exciting ways, casting shadows and sending beams of light in all directions.

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