Caryl Beach MA

Inspired by landscape and nature
Exploring the past and present
Fascinated by the concept of time and memory

Her work acknowledges an appreciation and acceptance of the transient nature of our world and its simple integrity, with a beauty that lies in imperfection and impermanence. Working across multiple platforms including photography, drawing, printmaking and film.

In my art practice, I explore themes of abandoned landscapes, drawing inspiration from the interplay of time and memory. Through my work, I aim to evoke a sense of nostalgia and contemplation, inviting viewers to reflect on the passage of time and the traces it leaves behind in forgotten places. My fascination with abandoned landscapes stems from their inherent narratives, which speak volumes about the past and present intersecting in a haunting yet beautiful manner.

As a print member at The Forge and with an MA in Fine Art, I employ various techniques such as printmaking, photography, and video to capture the essence of these landscapes. Through meticulous attention to detail and composition, I seek to convey not only the physical decay of these spaces but also the emotional resonance they hold for those who encounter them. Ultimately, my art serves as a conduit for exploring the complex relationship between human memory, the passage of time, and the ever-changing landscape of our world.

Caryl graduated from University of Hertfordshire in 2009 attaining an MA in Fine Art.

Awarded best video prize by Elstree Heritage in 2012 during Eastern Approaches Open Exhibition.

A former fellow of Digswell Arts. Currently a Print Group Member of Digswell Arts.

A former member of Memento Collective.

An Associate Artist at Courtyard Arts Hertford.

Exhibited in Prague and London,
Selected for Derwent Art Prize
Exhibiting at the gallery Oxo Tower and Paris – now postponed.

Caryl works from her studio overlooking the Mill Stream at Dicker Mill Hertford.
Printmaker at Digswell Arts Print Studio at The Forge Digswell.

Caryl’s current focus is time lapse video, photography, drawing and print making exploring the concept of time and memory.

‘time : the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole’

This is a continuing investigation.

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Instagram : @beachcaryl
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mobile : +44(0)7711 957742

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