Conventus by Chris Groombridge, part of A Vision of Utopia Exhibition

Conventus by Chris Groombridge CHRIS GROOMBRIDGE - 'CONVENTUS' DSC02353Digswell Arts Trust Fellow, Chris Groombridge installed his sculpture ‘Conventus’ at The Cloisters building in Letchworth on Tuesday 1 April as part of ‘A Vision of Utopia’.

The sculpture is a monument to the spirit of a gathering.  Chris was inspired by the architecture of The Cloisters building inside and out; he felt its quirky configuration, fixtures and furniture to be the timeless mechanics of its original purpose.

For Chirs, the staircases symbolise a route to a higher plane of wellbeing and the wash fountain inside is a stone witness to a thousand gatherings of hands.

It is from these ideals that a utopia is born. The vision is realised not with bricks and mortar, but with a community coming together. An escalation of hearts and minds ….and the meeting of hands to build a dream.


A Vision of Utopia Events Programme