Courtyard Arts Artist in Residence; Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts is one of the newest fellows to  join Digswell Arts at Fenners Studios, here she talks about her upcoming residency at Courtyard Arts:

I am thrilled to announce that in August I will be taking up a one month residency at Courtyard Arts in Hertford. During this residency I am developing a work called thinking organs that I began earlier this year. I will be exploring the relationship between touch, stories of healing, prayer and meditation. I am working in sculpture and performance to push boundaries between the two mediums, take risks with my practice and create work that connects with the visitor. I welcome visitors to the space, i’ll be talking about my work and as my practice is interactive it will really be influenced by the way visitors engage.

1st August – 26th August 2017

More information about the residency and the gallery opening times can be found here: