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Julie Leaming

Sculptor, Ceramicist.

Julie’s sculptural ceramic works are a response to the impact of the mountainous landscapes of the French Alps where she has spent many holidays and forms observed both in the human body and nature. Julie’s work as a nurse has fuelled the fascination with the complexities yet similarities between organic structures and human forms.

Julie draws on her more recent training having completed a degree in Fine Art. Her work is very much a process beginning with intense observation and drawing of her subject, to the carving and manipulation of the clay. As the construction progresses, the work takes on a life of its own. Working with the clay and glazes gives a desired element of unpredictability into the otherwise ordered work.

“The clay is transformed into shapes, curves and lines reducing the subject to what I see are their most basic, raw and powerful form yet still preserving the story of the landscapes journey. Stripping the finished work of colour is a deliberate choice that enables the viewer to fix only on the rhythm of the shape.”