Dave Nelson Radio Interview on BBC Three Counties Radio


Radio Interview for Dave Nelson Fellow at The Forge.



Last week I was interviewed by Nick Coffer on his daytime radio show on BBC Three Counties Radio.  You can listen to the interview via the YouTube clip above.  Nick was great, very friendly and although I was a bit nervous he really made me feel welcome, and was genuinely interested in me, which helps!  He focussed primarily on my change of career, from Corporate role to full-time artist.  It turns out he went through a similar change to become a DJ, as he explains at the end of the clip.  He did seem knowledgeable about the local art scene as well though, and seemed to know the Digswell Arts Trust set-up very well, although didn’t quite explain how.  Overall a great experience for me, as it’s surely great to practise talking about myself and my career.  And the Monday it was broadcast, I had the most website hits in a single day I’ve ever had!