Digswell Arts Fellows feature in ‘Paper Cuts’ Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

Written by Digswell Arts

On November 17, 2018

Current Digswell Arts fellows Allistair Covell, Liz Harrington and Katherine Roberts have been invited to exhibit their work in the group exhibition ‘Paper Cuts’ at the Saatchi Gallery in London, from 16th – 18th November 2018.
Curated by Kristian Day, ‘Paper Cuts’ is an exhibition which features works on paper from over a 100 emerging artists and will be on display in the Saatchi’s ‘Prints & Originals’ Gallery. Almost every work in the show is on paper and the artworks will be hung on the walls and presented in sleeves that can be browsed through. Speaking of the exhibition, Kristian has said “Paper Cuts is a travelling record fair… but with works on paper in the racks instead of vinyl… all of my shows have been named after something music related and Paper Cuts itself is a Nirvana song, so it fits in quite nicely”. *

For the exhibition Allistair has submitted ‘Electric Overture’, a vibrantly colourful abstract painting on paper, inspired by the sound of Janelle Monáe’s second album ‘The Electric Lady’, a record which incorporates a variety of musical influences ranging from hip hop and funk to gospel and psychedelic soul. In keeping with his creative practice that explores synaesthesia; the music, instruments, song melodies and vocals of the album appear to Allistair as a kaleidoscopic collection of colours, moving shapes and layered textures.

Liz’s work is called ‘Ephemeral Landscape no.14-17’ and is part of her series ‘Ephemeral Landscapes’, inspired by a fascination with the short-lived micro landscapes caused by tides, rivers, rain and snow. This ongoing project consists of camera-less cyanotype images and draws on the traditional Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi – the appreciation of beauty in imperfection and transience. Liz is a photographic artist specialising in analogue, alternative photographic processes and camera-less techniques. She creates unique pieces that are experimental, archival and nostalgic in nature.

Katherine’s artwork on paper for the exhibition is called ‘Mountain Child’ and explores the link between human and natural forms.
Katherine’s creative practice is a combination of drawing and making tactile sculptures that takes up space or behave in a way that entices the audience to interact with them and make a connection. Katherine’s work explores the experience of transformation and spirituality, Biblical texts and stories of transformation in fairy tales, science fiction and fantasy novels. These aspects come together and form the basis for surreal sculptural combinations.

Kristian Day is an independent gallerist and curator based in London. For almost 20 years Kristian worked for some of London’s leading commercial galleries, establishing himself as a trusted advisor and experienced eye. Since establishing his own curatorial programme in 2016 his collaborations with individual collectors, organisations and institutions have earned him a reputation as one of the UK’s most active curators.

‘Paper Cuts’, the big show for small art, will run for three days, 10am to 6pm at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4RY.
For more information please see www.kristianday.co.uk or follow Kristian on Instagram at @Krisday or @papercuts_kristianday for updates.
*Quote: interview with Floorr magazine, 09/02/17.

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