Digswell Arts Trust on BBC Radio

BBC Three Counties Radio recently covered the Digswell Arts Trust. Digswell Fellows Amanda Bloom, Jane Glynn, Christine Harrison, Abu Jafar were interviewed at the Fenners building for the Mike Naylor show broadcast on 15th June. They spoke about the recent exhibition at the Letchworth site, Timeline, workshops and the Trusts contribution to the Letchworth festival. To hear the recording visit the BBC iplayer (the recording is at about 2:37 mins)


In addition, on 17th June Chairman Tony Gaughan and Digswell Fellow Jane Glynn were interviewed in the studio on the Nick Coffer show. Tony spoke about the Trust and its history, how the Trust works with artists, the wide variety of genres within the Trust and the growing use of digital media by artists and in the business of art. Jane spoke about being a Fellow, her artistic journey and the success of workshops being held as part of the Letchworth Festival. To hear the recording visit the BBC iplayer (the recording is at about 35 mins):


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