Donald Brook

Fellowship: January 1960 – January 1962 Digswell House

Artform: Sculpture

Tribute: Artlink

Donald Brook gained a first class honours degree in Fine Arts at the University of Durham. He won a year’s scholarship to study fine art in Greece and Crete. After his scholarship he taught in schools and was a lecturer in Art at the Nigerian College in Zaria.

Whilst he was resident at Digswell House he created an outdoor sculpture titled ‘Icarus’ which was purchased by the Trust and stood in the grounds of Digswell House. Donald later as a result of ‘Icarus’ was a recipient of the first joint commission by the Digswell trustees and a separate body, in accordance with a scheme approved by the trust.

When Donald left the Trust in 1962 he was awarded a scholarship at the Canberra University to study for a PhD in philosophy. Donald is quoted to say about his return to study: ‘on some aspects of the logic of criticism with particular reference to sculpture’.

‘It has been part of my strategy to make no sculpture while wrestling with these conceptual problems……but I look forward to getting back to serious work again.

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