Drama / Dance and Movement at Fenners

Written by John Vincent Art

On February 14, 2014
Drama / Dance and Movement community group for people with mild Dementia 

The group is for people that have been recently diagnosed with Dementia. We are looking for suitable people to participate. The group will use arts as a medium to explore thoughts and feelings about adjusting to a diagnosis, helping to deal with issues of loss, low mood and anxiety and would be suitable for mild cognitive impairment.

In short, while mental processing has become difficult for them, as has finding and using words, movement of the body and dance remains a strength and a useful way to express their experiences. Some of the issues that have come up for the current group are loss, guilt and their changing identities. Also a key finding that has come out of this group, is how valuable physical contact with another can be, how reassuring the feeling of connection is when mental or intellectual connect is not always possible.

The group is 12 weeks long, starting April and due to be run on a Friday during the day.

I asked the clients from the current group to give feedback/evaluation of the group and they gave their consent to share their thoughts about how the group helped them. They said the following:”This group is very welcoming and brings us together. It gives us time out and is something different from usual. It’s fun, the dancing is good.”
Positive outcomes: Feels more relaxed and more interested in other people. Has more energy and feels less confused. Feels more loved and cheerful.

“It gives me mental and physical relaxation, so total relaxation. I think about it when I’m at home and really look forward to coming. I think of all of us together here and it feels nice.”

Positive outcomes: Feels more relaxed, more confident, more useful and more loved.

“I enjoy it, it is a nice small group. It might not work as a big group.”
Positive outcomes: Feels more relaxed and less anxious.

Please contact Gill at Mindful Arts, Fenners Building, Letchworth, Herts SG6 3ER or call 07801789686 for further information. You could also visit our website www.mindfularts.co.uk

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