Emmeline Webb

Emmeline Webb graduated from Cambridge School of Art in 2008 with BA (Hons) in illustration.  The illustration degree gave her insight into using a variety of artistic outcomes to create images.   Because of this she works across a variety of mediums including painting & drawing, printmaking, ceramics and digital artwork.

Her work usually starts with a narrative, linking back to her illustration practice, but she views herself more as a surface designer than a painter/ artist.  Her paintings are just a starting point for her work as she creates a range of products from her artwork including greetings cards, tableware, silk scarves and home based textiles, but everything starts life in the sketchbook which she uses as a visual diary for everyday inspiration.

Her love of textiles, pattern, and the decorative arts are strong influences in her work.

Web: www.emmelinewebb.com
Email: emmelinewebb@hotmail.co.uk

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