Equality and Diversity

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Digswell Arts Trust recognises that in our society power is not held equally and that groups and individuals have been and continue to be discriminated against on many grounds including, for example, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, class, religion, marital status and where they live.

Digswell Arts Trust also recognises that where direct or indirect discrimination occurs within Digswell Arts Trust, it is both morally and legally unacceptable.

The purpose of the Equality and Diversity Policy is to set out clearly and fully the positive action Digswell Arts Trust intends to take to combat direct and indirect discrimination in the organisation, in the services it provides and in its relationships with other bodies.

In adopting this Equality and Diversity Policy, Digswell Arts Trust is also making an unequivocal commitment to implementing it, so as to ensure that equal opportunity becomes a reality. We aim to help our studio facilities to have an atmosphere of friendship, respect and care for each other.


Digswell Arts Trust is committed to compliance with relevant equality legislation and relevant best practice guidance. The “protected characteristics” that our policies below refer to are defined as:

  • disability
  • ethnicity and race
  • gender (sex)
  • gender identity and reassignment
  • pregnancy, maternity and breast feeding
  • religion and belief
  • sexual orientation
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • age

To provide Digswell Arts Trust trustees, Fellows and Print Members, stakeholders and the wider community with a clear understanding of our ongoing commitment to promoting equality and valuing diversity in our role as a charitable arts organisation, we will:

  • treat all people appropriately according to their individual needs and requirements irrespective of their protected characteristics;
  • not tolerate harassment or intimidation of any kind and will respond proactively and promptly to all reports of harassment or intimidation;
  • encourage individuals from all sectors of society to apply to us to become Fellows, Print Members and trustees. We value the differences amongst everyone in these groups and aim to use their differences in a positive way, towards meeting our charitable objectives;
  • commit to ensuring that equality of opportunity underpins all our procedures, policies and work practices.

All trustees, Fellows, Print Members, volunteers, contactors, consultants and suppliers will be made aware of our policy and are required to adhere to it. The policy covers:

  • Becoming a Fellow or Print Member and the use of Digswell Arts Trust facilities by them
  • The provision of all activities in support of our charitable objectives
  • The recruitment and appointment of trustees and administrators
  • Appointment of consultants, contractors and partners

We intend that our policies and procedures should promote:

  • Positive attitudes and interactions between groups and communities different from each other;
  • Respect and tolerance for individuals and groups irrespective of their protected characteristics; and
  • An absence from harassment, victimisation and discrimination in relation to any protected characteristics.



Responsibility for the implementation of this policy is vested with all trustees, Fellows, Print Members and administrators of Digswell Arts Trust. All of these people are required to uphold our equality and diversity objectives and additional accountabilities are placed upon trustees and administrators to ensure delivery of these equality and diversity objectives. Overall responsibility for the implementation of the policy rests with the trustees of Digswell Arts Trust who are charged with the responsibility of developing an organisational culture in which the policy can be implemented and effectively operated.

The trustees of Digswell Arts Trust will consult with Fellows, Print Members and administrators when reviewing or implementing changes to policy.

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