Featured Artist of the Month – Carl Cashman

Written by Fenners

On August 1, 2020

Digswell Arts fellow Carl Cashman is based at The Fenners building and is our featured artist of the month.

How would you describe your current practice (eg materials, techniques, themes, key questions, approach)?

My work is Neon based geometry, or ‘Neometry’ as I like to call it. It’s inspired by free parties, the rave scene, psychedelic experiences, and artists such as Bridget Riley, Barry McGee, and Sol Lewitt. I mainly work with acrylic and wooden panels but tend to spend summers painting large scale murals and doing decor for festivals such as Glastonbury and Boomtown. 

What are you working on at the moment (forthcoming exhibitions, events, workshops, etc)?

I was quite lucky during lockdown to still take on lots of work, so am catching up with some of those Projects. I’m currently working on a collab for a vase with a new company called Venus and the Cat, the initial Vase is being made at the moment for the moulds to be taken and then my design will be screen printed once completed. This project will be ready to coincide with London design week.

What are your plans for the coming year?

I’ve currently got some work in a group show in Atlanta, then a group show at Lancaster Museum of Art and History, then Art on a Postcard in London, followed by Scope Miami in December. I’ve also got some postponed mural projects to catch up on once COVID restrictions permit. 

What is the question that you most get asked about your work:

Are you Banksy, which is the same question 99% of people painting a mural get asked.  

What or Who Inspires me?

Growing up I was OK at sports and slightly better at Art, I’ve always preferred doing things that felt creative and active. I kinda fell into exhibiting my work by accident while collecting Street Art, a fellow collector and curator spotting my work on an art forum and invited me to participate in a group show. Within 12 months I was taking part in my first ever solo show, which took place in Portland Oregon, and sold out on the first day of opening. That was 7 years ago and since then I’ve exhibited all over the world and had 4 solo shows in Brighton and the USA.

Which artists do you most admire and why?

Probably a bit of a cliche, but I’m a huge Banksy fan. I started collecting his work back in 2004 when I was at University and visited his hotel in Bethlehem with my partner back in 2018. I love the fact that he’s using his name and work to raise money for so many people in need, he’s still raising millions every year for those that have almost no way to help themselves progress in life.

How has your relationship with Digswell Arts strengthened your practice as an artist?

I’ve only been in the studios since January, so have had as much time in the space as we’ve had locked down due to COVID, but I really enjoy being around other creatives. Being an artist is quite a solitary lifestyle so even knowing there’s someone working in the room next to you is comforting and great motivation. I’m really looking forward to us being able to do group shows and mixed events as we have a big variety of practices and styles.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/carlcashman/

Big Cartel http://carlcashman.bigcartel.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cashmanart/

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