Felicity Cooke

I have a lifelong interest in cloth and stitching – the feel of it and the memories it can awaken, from birth, to clothing, and sleeping – the associations are endless and fascinating as everyone has their own associations and tactile memories.

I studied, taught and developed a personal creative practice in constructed textiles over my working life, in particular weaving, knitting, hand dying, and stitching, always looking for meaning and expression as well as aesthetics.

An opportunity to develop a new degree in the 90s led me to encourage combining art making methods together in mixed media ways, both in my own practice and in my teaching role. This has led me to explore visual ideas in a number of different media – from stitching to embossing and printing, as well as constructing with mosaics to explore and change my work.

I am now retired and able to follow my own practice for pleasure, and I have especially enjoyed a collaged approach to printmaking, building layered images.
I find inspiration in nature, found surfaces and materials which suggest wear and tear, mending, remaking and embedded texture.

My approach is driven both by drawing and mark making, as well as collage and stitching to build physical layers and evoke moments in time. I tend towards experimental use of materials, allowing the ideas to flow from my hands and connect with my spirit. It is a continuous journey!

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