How to become a Fellow and Print Member

Summary of Core Fellowship Requirement

To ensure that we maintain and fulfill our charitable objectives we require a reasonable commitment and input from our artists, designers and makers – all the work we do and the future development of Digswell Arts Trust is designed to benefit creative practice and to help artists in their careers.

Digswell Arts Trust is set up as an arts and educational Charity. We provide studios, workshops and educational activities. We try to prioritise applicants who we think will be actively involved and therefore get the most out of the Trust.

Things that you must agree to:

  • Active use of studio space, minimum of 2 days per week
  • Participate in Open Studios
  • Be part of the working community
  • Have a profile and portfolio on Digswell Arts Trust website and make regular contributions (at least three a year)
  • Promote the Trust in marketing material
  • Take on Rep Roles during the period of Fellowship
  • Support the educational objectives of the Trust
  • Participate in Digswell’s annual Development Day
  • Be fully compliant with Digswell’s Health and Safety Policy
  • Maintain public areas of studio buildings

How to become a Fellow
Selection of Fellows is by shortlisting and interview. Interviews will take place following national advertisement usually in the Artists Newsletter and in the local press and at art colleges.

Existing Fellows also assist the Trustees, who conduct the interviews. We particularly seek artists whose work to date leads us to believe that the provision of a DAT Fellowship will help them towards an exciting and fulfilling future and that their presence will benefit other DAT fellows.

Application Form

Digswell Arts Print-Makers Group

Print membership entitles artists to use the workshop on a specified/designated day each week. Although print members do not have a studio space they are able to store equipment/materials on site in a lockable cupboard and large plan chest drawer. Members are also invited to take part in Digswell arts events such as Open Studios, group exhibitions, art crtitiques and meetings.

Print members will need to be proficient in their chosen discipline and adopt good studio practice as members share responsibility for the care and maintenance of the print workshop and equipment.

Selection of Print members is via an interview with a portfolio. At interview printmakers will need to demonstrate proficiency with  equipment and  sufficient experience.

Prospective print members are invited to book one of our open access sessions run by member printmaker Sally Tyrie as these sessions provide a superb induction to the workshop and facilities and a useful reminder for those a little rusty.

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What is a Digswell Arts Trust Fellow?


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