Fiona Booy

Fiona Booy is a Hertfordshire based ceramic artist, who has lived and worked across the globe. After 25 years in commerce, she has swapped her laptop for a potter’s wheel.
Central to this metamorphism, is her CityLit Ceramics Diploma (graduate July 2019) which has challenged her delightfully across many ceramic disciplines and artistic endeavours. Following on from this, she joined Digswell Arts trust as a fellow in October 2019.
Fiona often makes quirky sculptures which begin life on the wheel. She enjoys the tactile soft flowing nature of the throwing rings in the clay – its fluidity and motion, life and energy. The ‘magic’ then happens in the assembly stage – where pieces are selected, balanced and even squiggled together. These methods encourage her to work loosely and emotively, to stack and build.
Fiona also runs children’s pottery classes in St Albans, and is actively involved in her local pottery guild, the DCPG, helping with events, demonstrations and exhibitions. She is also planning glaze technology workshops and lectures.

For more information:
website: www.fionabooyceramics.co.uk
instagram: @fionabooyceramics
facebook: fionabooyceramics
email: fionabooyceramics@gmail.com

from Fiona’s exhibition  #fauxfinds
These small vessel-esque, almost-functional pieces are not quite from the here-and-now. They look ancient and treasured, familiar yet strange. The loose throwing style evokes fluidity and motion, softness and energy. They hint at their creation. They tease.
This quirky body of work invites curiosity and intrigue –perhaps even a smile.

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