Gill Ayre BA (Hons)

Gill mostly works in oils on canvas, but also in fused glass and some print making.

Gill’s inspiration for her painting is the natural world – landscape and seascape. Using this as her starting place, she creates semi abstract paintings which explore different facets of our relationship with the natural world and the landscapes we inhabit: – an appreciation of the patterns and beauty of nature and its elemental power; our sense of place, of location or dislocation; the way we scar and mark the land, leaving traces of our history, our journeys and our habitation; and the way we distance ourselves from nature, viewing it only through windows, cameras, and sometimes from a great height.

In her glass work she frequently works with words and text, using fragments of poetry and other material with personal meaning creating pieces which have an intimate resonance. However she also works with fused glass to explore the colours and patterns of nature, creating a conversation with her paintings.

Phone: 07940 545429


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