Helen Mason – Featured Artist of the Month

Helen is nearing the end of her five years with Digswell Arts.

Her recent exhibition at Fenners is her third and draws her development as a fellow to a conclusion. In the two years since her second exhibition, she has worked on personal memories and recall of places and events in her life (as previously outlined), more texture and text have appeared in her paintings, and more specifically, her drawings.

During her time at Fenners, Helen had developed an individual and personal semi-abstract style.  Without this great opportunity to work without interference, she would not have been able to shake off her “teacher” style and create her own iconography.

The five years spent at Fenners have been tremendous both professionally and personally.  Helen has benefited from the creative surroundings and conversations.  Working through ideas and concerns has helped to shape the progress of her work.

As Helen moves on to her new studio, she feels ready to tackle new challenges and new opportunities; ready to take her work further.  Thanks to DAT and all the friends and colleagues along the way!