Hideki Arichi

I am interested in examining the intrinsic nature of things and the nature of being. My work in that respect comes from a personal examination into the experience and sensations of time gone, time remembered but also equally it can be of the particular moment. For the most part I do not work figuratively although on occasion use existing signs and symbols partially or in whole for their own intrinsic form as well as a way in to the work.

I draw from an eclectic range of sources that include literature, music, film as well as an active engagement with the study of art history. I take inspiration from both the natural and the urban at times combining these different sources which are refined by small sketches before being executed as a finished work. The larger work is not a perfect enlargement of the small drawing, it is merely informed by it and differences and chance differences are often embraced or incorporated.

Through whatever medium I have chosen to work with is an active interest in that particular material and in engaging with it. The directness of the material has an important role in achieving the communication of the ideas. In effect I want the medium to speak for itself by revealing its identity through its own materiality. Recently this interest has been examined and manifested in printmaking using etching on copper plates. There is a very particular signature that a finished etching leaves that expresses what it is regardless of the subject matter. It also has a record of time involved in its production that cannot be rushed. It becomes about touch and feeling in a very direct way but it is also slow and disciplined making it one of my preferred methods of working.

Website: www.hidekiarichi.com
Email: hidekiarichi@hotmail.com

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