Ian Day

Ian Day first imagined Metal Graffiti at the age of 16 with the ambition of one day becoming a designer and maker of Jewellery in precious metals and gem stones. He has always had a fascination with rocks, crystals and gems, how they can be polished or cut in order to enhance their natural beauty.

Trained as a welder fabricator, Ian then transferred his knowledge of metals and engineering to jewellery design. After gaining a trainee position in a Jeweller’s workshop, he honed his skills, repairing antique jewellery, stone setting, designing and creating bespoke pieces.

Following a meandering career path leading to a life on the road, touring as a lighting technician, rigger, stage and production manager in the music industry.  Ian continued to make jewellery inspired by the engineering around him.  He designed miniature stage lights that double as lockets, rigging chains and shackles that can be worn round the neck or wrist are commissioned and worn by road crew around the globe.

Metal Graffiti is no longer a dream but is now reality for Ian Day. Working full time based at the Fenners Studios in Letchworth, Ian creates the most beautifully hand crafted work in both Gold and Silver. Much of his work is generated by commissions and Ian particularly enjoys working alongside his clients to help them express their ideas and bring them to realisation in precious metals and gemstones. He is however constantly designing pieces that may or may not one day be forged into life.

‘Jewellery, like graffiti, is an extension of creativity. It is a free spirit with no boundaries, just the imagination and as such I treat jewellery making in the same way.’ Ian Day – Metal Graffiti

http://www.metalgraffiti.co. uk/

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