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Solar by Itziar Olaberria
Solar by Itziar Olaberria

My work as a photographer and as a printmaker is the result of a search that combines conscious will and underlying emotions.

By experimenting with textures, light, angles, crops, colour and medium, the images I produce represent my interpretation of the world around me. There is no intention to capture the world as it is, but as I sense it.

Working mainly with digital photographic images, I have experimented with different printmaking processes such as collagraphs, linocut (I love cutting lino!)… But I would say that my favourite media are photo etching and solar print.

I love playing around with my photographs and transforming them into printmaking media. And I have no words to describe the excitement of unveiling what the paper has captured after going through the press.

Creating or selecting the image, deciding the process I will be using with it, and finally choosing to exhibit them, are actions that are deeply related to a state of mind of the moment. They wouldn’t have been created the following day.

email:  itziar@olabe.net

Website: www.itziarolaberria.net