Jane Bottery

I am a contemporary artist working with a variety of media to create minimal works where the original inspiration has been subtracted to its essence. The work I make is concerned with reduction and distillation, with landscape and composition and with process and materials.

The work is influenced by the locality and topography of where it is made, and can be a direct response to place, as well as memory of place and time, representing a fleeting idea and sensation of personal experience. I aim to capture a luminosity and translucency to represent these fleeting moments of presence.

Often made in series, or in relation to and influenced by other works, mark-making, surface and meditative action and inaction are important considerations, as is an element of chance and improvisation. Each piece is gradually built up over time, with the concept of the work resting before its completion being an important part of the process.

My work can be seen on my website at janebottery.com and on my instagram/jbottery

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