Julie Leaming

Artist and Sculptor

Julie’s work is created in response to years of primary sketches from a variety of landscapes exploring and distilling different perspectives. In particular she is drawn to patterns and formations that have been carved and eroded by extreme weather.

Abstracted, raw and intriguing, Julie attempts to preserve the story of the landscapes journey. Hidden in these fragile works is a powerful environmental message of vulnerability within the ever changing world we inhabit.
Julie works include large-scale charcoal and pencil drawings in addition to the paper clay sculptures and vessels. Both have been stripped and abstracted to reveal part of the landscape in its simplest form, the point of inspiration.
The properties of the clay allows for the process of carving, tearing and manipulating that have become the characteristics of Julies work. There is an element of the unpredictability in the making and firing process that is desirable and drives the proceeding body of work.

Julie originally trained as a nurse before studying graphic design in Australia and completing a Degree in Fine Art in 2012 at the university of Hertfordshire. Halfway through her fellowship at Digswell Julie has exhibits her work within galleries and events across Hertfordshire and participates in Herts Open Studios.


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