Julie Leaming

Artist and Sculptor

Julie Leaming works with charcoal, paper and clay to produce drawings and ceramic sculptures which examine landscapes and living organisms – exposing their structures and detailed networks eroded in their surface. Monochrome in colour, Julie’s work are an abstracted, raw and revealing look into both our landscape and our physiological journey.

Fascinated by the complexities of patterns revealed in our bodies and landscape, Leaming reveals fragments of these by translating them into multi-dimensional works. The weight of the material, gravity and kiln firings, lead to a degree of unpredictability within the pieces. The fragility of the artist’s sculptures holds a powerful message around the vulnerability of human beings and our environment.

Julie Leaming worked as a nurse before studying Graphic Design in Australia and later continued her studies completing a degree in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire in 2015.
Joining Digswell Arts Trust in 2016, Julie has exhibited within Hertfordshire public and commercial galleries and schools. Julie’s practice extends to life drawing and drawing classes within schools and community group.

website www.julieleamingart.com
instagram julieleamingart
email Julesleaming@hotmail.com

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