Karen Picton BA (Hons)

field#hamletsKaren Picton’s art practice explores connections between the material landscape and the immaterial nature of the personality.   To fully understand a place, she uses the materials from its geology as mediums of colour and texture while history and human vision shape and characterise landscape and the spaces we build in it.   It is through translating these material identities into an artwork that landscape gives visibility to the internalised world of the mind, gathering layers of meaning to become a space of human identity.   Place and personality are inseparable: as the poet Noel Arnaud put it “I am the space where I am”.

Website: www.karenpicton.com
Email:     karenpicton@gmail.com

Exhibitions 2014:

Letchworth: A Vision of Utopia 2nd April – 27th April.

Picton’s installation piece ‘Limitless’ can be seen at 34 Leys Avenue, Letchworth. For more information: www.letchworth.com/artsandculture

Blackgates Gallery, High Street, Baldock.   Karen Picton is an artist with Blackgates Gallery and has work on view alongside their schedule of ongoing exhibitions.

For more information: www.blackgatesgallery.com

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