Katy Cook

Katy’s work explores drawing as a mode of creating and as way of visual and haptic thinking.

Curiosity about nature has allowed her to consider space and process from the microscopic to the spiritual. Everyday encounters that she has with materials inspire her. Throwaway things like packaging or supporting/constructing materials are brought into investigations as well as natural-forms gathered while walking. Some materials arestumbled across and others searched for. Katy is attracted to things which create lines inspace: branches, cable, pipeline, string. And also, the surface of things, sheet or shell-likematerials contrast with the linear.

Katy’s work observes and translates our material environment. For example, travelling to London by train (being drawn into the city) offers a visual slice of infrastructure and an environment which is full of line, shape, form and colour. This can be rebuilt or transcribed on paper. A suburban or agricultural landscape might provide another set of visual prompts or link to different materials.

As much as drawing can expand into space, it can also be used as a way to contain orfocus an idea. Drawings can grow or disintegrate and then regenerate. Lines congeal andare knitted into form. Surfaces are stacked and components piled together. Her gatherings become small collections or anthologies.


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