Kirke Raava reveals new clothing line at Open Studios this Weekend

In a world where children’s clothes are still divided by sex, we have a refreshing offering from Herts-based fashion and textile genius, Kirke from her studio No.9 at Digswell Arts.

Despite the type of clothing, no sweatshops are required for these sweatshirts. Plus the fact that they are made in Herts means that the air miles are minimal and you are doing your planet a favour by acquiring one (or two).

Kirke prides herself, and her work in having no gender stereotypes and her clothing is suitable for boys, girls, robots, aliens… whomever!

This also means they are easy to pass onto sisters, brothers, cousins and their quality will mean they last for a long time.
Kirke is extremely environmentally focussed which means that there is little waste when she creates and she always uses local material suppliers.
She tries to use zero waste ethos when making her sweatshirts and bags.
Her background working in the Fashion industry also gives her that flair to create style while never compromising on functionality.

Come along and meet her yourself at Digswell Arts Annual Open Studios. Saturday 11-12th of May

See the machines she uses to make these amazing beauties and be one of the first to get your hands on these authentic pieces of art while treating the children in your life at the same time.

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