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Belleau Lake
Belleau Lake

Painting allows me to explore various concepts of colour, varying textures and brushwork to best depict my vision. Beyond the composition of the painting, my main focus is colour… saturating, sensual, vibrant, intoxicating. My application of colour is firstly expressive, and secondly theoretical. I am always observing and thinking about light; painting with colours to uplift and give energy. I start with a pre-conceived idea and let the colours of the pigment develop instinctively. While I paint for myself, I also hope that some of my paintings will be psychologically uplifting and environmentally enhancing to the viewer as well.

I graduated from Skidmore College in the U.S. with a B.S. in Art. I am currently painting landscapes (also people as landscape) mostly in oil, but continue to paint in acrylic, as well as watercolour depending on the composition.

Website: https://laurenaveryhutton.com

Email:  lauren@laurenaveryhutton.com