Liberty Burrough

Liberty’s work explores the identity and story behind individuals that she witnesses throughout her daily life. Analysing who they are, the emotions they radiate, and how they blend into the environment surrounding them.

She uses visual tools, such as colour chroma, temperature, and texture to create an atmospheric perspective on a landscape. There is a balance throughout her art as she portrays motion, each brush stroke is an extension of movement, from the hand directing the brush, to the illusion it leaves on the canvas. She is fascinated in capturing time and depicting motion, during moments in time that occur between one event to another. She does this by integrating, blending numerous views of the same place, but at differing times.

After the tough process of creating a successful piece of art, Liberty feels satisfied and accomplished for pulling through the conflicted process. She believes the contents of the process is just as important as the final product. Many people are blinded by the beauty of an artist’s painting and instead overlook the artist’s process and emotions they have experienced during their time of painting. Instead, Liberty wishes to dig deeper to experiment, take risks, explore and challenge her own potential as an artist.

Instagram: @liberty.burrough

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