Limitless – by Farmhouse fellow Karen Picton, part of ‘A Vision of Utopia’ exhibition.

Written by Anton Psak

On April 18, 2014

karen_picton_-_limitlessKaren’s initial thoughts to make this work arose from Ebenezer Howard’s utopian view of architecture, particularly his ‘three magnets’ pattern that underpinned design to bring a sense of harmony between town and country. As a response to these ideas, she considers design, not in terms of practical living spaces, but as spaces for the mind, a space to think in.   Drawing upon Gaston Bachelard’s ‘The Poetics of Space’ this installation uses light and reflection to create a space for contemplation and offers as it’s focus, an illusion of infinity.   It aims to stir the imagination, opening a sense of possibility and questions whether a view of limitless space may encourage thought beyond normal boundaries.

34 Leys Avenue, Letchworth

Open Saturdays in April 10.30am – 2.30pm

For further information:


Website: www.karenpicton.com

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