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Mandy Wax’s video ‘Comfort’ features in Online Exhibition ‘Matter. Place. AN Other.’

Mandy Wax Comfort
Mandy Wax, based at The Forge, has had her video ‘Comfort’ selected for the online exhibition ‘Matter. Place. AN Other.’ on the website of Gallery202.  Gallery 202 is an artist-led non-profit initiative that hosts regular online exhibitions and in a mixture of traditional and experimental, temporary spaces.
Mandy’s latest work focuses on her interest in the relationship and transition between states of anxiety, tranquility and security – our assumptions of comfort, luxury and reassurance are distorted and disrupted.
This video is a compilation of her ‘Comfort’ series of artworks which is part of an on-going project about our emotional responses to ideas of luxury and externally constructed reassurances.  She has created three minutes during which an emotional response to these themes can be experienced and where we might question the assumptions imposed on us about eating, cooking, food and comfort.

About Caryl Beach

A fellow at The Forge Digswell. My work is a response to my everyday observations in the landscape, by the means of photography, video, print and mixed media.

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