Marian Hall

My interest in art and textile art in particular, started after I was made redundant in 2003 and it developed and grew as I worked as a freelance Project Manager. In 2019 I hung up my project plans so that I could spend more time on my art practice.

My work usually reflects open landscapes, those with a strong horizon line. My recent body of work has been inspired by the landscapes I have seen in the Atacama desert; ones that are very different to those I enjoy at home. They have the appeal of the exotic and leave me in awe of the complex natural processes that created them.

My current series of work is based on a snowy landscape very close to home which is a complete contrast to the Atacama Desert.

When I start a new series of work I explore design options in my sketchbook. Through the design process I get a better understanding of the landscape and which elements are the most important to me and it cements the experience in my memory.

In my textile work, I build layer upon layer of dyeing and screen printing, with the marks on the cloth relating to the marks found in the source landscape. Additional marks are added in stitch, usually by hand.

Although I have enjoyed other types of printmaking, the opportunity to develop these techniques has been limited. An extended printmaking course last year, really confirmed that this was a part of my practice that I wanted to develop. I am pleased to have the opportunity to do this as a Print Member of Digswell Arts and I am looking forward to seeing how my prints on paper and fabric develop in parallel.

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Instagram: @marianhallart

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