Miriam Fraser

Textile crafts are integral to my art practice:  I use the equipment of textile production both as tools and as a conceptual spaces.  I examine the connection between textiles and cultural identity by combining these with contemporary, discarded items to focus attention on consumerism and sustainable lifestyles.  I aim to draw attention to renewable fibres – especially wool; and create a link with former ways of living by using methods inspired by experimental archaeology.

I immerse myself as much as possible in the ways of the past.  I work only with traditional methods and materials, and do most of my work in a studio which dates from the early 17th century.   When not there, my alter ego is Rowan, the Weaver in an Iron Age village.  Here, as well as teaching textile craft, I also give instruction in ancient skills such as hunting & gathering, archery & weaponry. http://www.celticharmony.org

Currently the emphasis of my practice is: Weaving as a metaphor.  

Web: miriamfraser.artweb.com

Email: miriamjfraser@gmail.com

Blog: miriamfraserdotcom.wordpress.com


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