Molly Hagan

Molly’s current medium is cut paper, ranging from 2-D paper cut-outs to 3-D cut paper installations. She initially draws from direct observation and photographic documentation, before experimenting with abstraction, scale and layering silhouetted forms. Finally, Molly cuts into paper to subtract negative spaces. This is time consuming but, as Molly says, “it’s a meditative part of the process”.

Molly’s work has evolved from small- scale to sculptural paper drawings to installation. Her experiments in installation are presented as large scale abstract patterns suspended in space. She works with the use of natural and controlled light to cast shadows, creating multi-dimensional situations, offering the viewer an experience of a heightened state of awareness that challenges their perception.

Through the act of observing her environment, Molly has become more conscious of even the most mundane things in life. She is simply inspired by the pure phenomena of patterns found in nature and found patterns left from traces of human existence. This could vary from something as traditional as a flower to a coffe stain left on the floor, enlarging the intricate patterns and exploring illusions of perception.
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