Muna Zuberi

Stained glass is an old-school art form employing ancient techniques. Muna is revitalising these techniques to create new and exciting contemporary art pieces. Her work always starts with drawing and develops over many iterations to fully formed colour visualisations. She then builds a 2D or 3D piece in glass using mosaic, glass fusing and glass painting.

Dalle de verre (large slabs of glass set in concrete) was popular in the 50-60s. It is influential in the style of her work and the major reason she often works in mosaic. It is more accessible than dalle de verre in size, portability and cost. It also allows a freer and more dynamic approach than other traditional glass techniques.

The ‘race’ issue has been a persistent presence in Muna’s life and this has led her to think more about what makes other people tick. Her practice focuses on understanding the ‘person’ – their influences and crucially, what has led them to their thinking and understanding of the world.

Instagram: munazuberi

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