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Painting and Drawing with Helen Mason

Fenners Building, 7 Openshaw Way, Letchworth

I have been teaching the weekly painting and drawing class in Fenners for nearly four years. The group is very varied in both their approach and style of work. They enjoy the challenges that they are set and respond positively and individually. Although I normally set a theme for each block, the students will interpret these in their own way; some are interested in more techniques, others in a wider understanding of painting and drawing. They like the relaxed atmosphere and the creative atmosphere, and feel confident to progress at their own pace.

There are twelve enrolled in the group, attendance is normally nine or ten students. They encourage and support each other and are very welcoming to newcomers. The quality and depth of their work is good and continues to improve.

The students are great supporters of the Fenners Studios and DAT. They support open studios, workshops and events of all kind. They like to spread the word and get others involved. We are hoping to hold an exhibition of their work in the Community Gallery in Letchworth later in the year. We await a response from LHF.
Helen Mason

“Without doubt the art classes led by Helen Mason at Fenners, Letchworth have been a great success. I have been coming to Fenners on a Wednesday for some years now and every week look forward to the ongoing challenge.

Helen provides a variety of artistic projects with lots of judicious encouragement and support for everyone in the group and in this environment it is easy to relax and enjoy trying new techniques and materials. We are lucky to benefit from the professional advice of a very good artist and tutor who clearly shows a keen interest the progress of everyone who attends.

The facilities at Fenners have improved over the last few years and offer a good space for students, artists and visitors. Letchworth is fortunate to have these studios and everything it provides not only for resident artists and students but also for people who enjoy seeing what the artists do and participating in Open Days if they wish to.

I hope that Fenners will continue to thrive not only as a collection of artists’ studios but also as a space for educational endeavour in the arts.”
Lee Henry

“I attend the weekly art class run by Helen Mason at Fenner’s Studios.

Prior to attending these classes, I had been interested particularly in watercolour painting but had little idea how to go about it.

Helen has really helped me to attempt not only watercolours but other mediums and techniques such as drawing (which personally I am most comfortable with), acrylic painting, lino printing, screen printing and collagraph all of which she demonstrates. This has given me the confidence to move out of my comfort zone and attempt/experiment with these which I have found that I really enjoy.

She has also guided us through how to read paintings which has given me a greater interest in viewing the old masters and understanding what the paintings are telling us, which makes them more interesting.

We all look forward to and really enjoy these classes.”
Pam Allen

“I have enjoyed the art classes with Helen for four years. She has taught me so much and given great encouragement for all in our classes. Lino and screenprinting classes have produced images that have gone on to be produced as Christmas cards (that only the favoured receive).

I look forward to learning more and may be included in an exhibition of our work.”
Jan Waters