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Lorraine Benton

Fellowship:  September 2005 – September 2008 Attimore Barn

Artform: Sculpture


Lorraine works primarily with sculptural materials such as wood, clay, plaster, metal and polystyrene. Perspective and visual illusion are current themes to my work, my intention to create a phenomenological reaction of curiosity and intrigue. The aim of my content is to explore the three-dimensional space that we inhabit, and to draw the spectator into an experience where they feel visually and psychologically transported to another place.




2005 BA (hons) Fine Art, University of Hertfordshire


2002 Sculpture accreditation, Hatfield University


1996 -2002 Sculpture Open studies, Hatfield University


1995-1996 Sculpture Studies, Harrow Arts Centre


Exhibitions (selected):


2005 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London


2005 Arte Povera exhibition, Sheriden Russell Gallery, London


2004/05 Walkern Gallery, Walkern, Herts


2003/04 Photographic installation in offices at Kings Cross, London


2004 Open Studios Courtyard Arts Centre, Herts


2004 Puckeridge Open Gardens, Herts


2004 Artshed, Ware, Herts


2004 Studio 2004, Broxbourne, Herts


2003 Haileybury Festival of Arts exhibition, Hertford Heath, Herts


2001 Lauderdale House, Highgate, London


2000 Sculpture works, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London


2000 Private Gallery, Grange Road, Highgate, London




2002 Commission for a cold cast bronze to private collector


2005 Public sculpture commissioned by Harrow Council for Alexandra Park, South Harrow