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John Sturgess

Fellowship:  Date undefined Digswell House

Artform: Etcher


‘A number of ideas have concerned me throughout my career. Landscape has always interested me, it’s variations of mood and atmosphere yet the basic underlying structure remains static. This seeming paradoxical idea of permanence and change is an idea important in my work today.


I become more interested in abstract or symbolic images that seemed to evoke a sense of landscape and evocation or the essence of something plays an important role within my work.


I am equally interested in relationships between music and vision. Geometry and number. I am interested in the visual language and how it works and I like to use a simple repetitive geometric base, itself devoid of personal connotations yet redolent with potential for many interpretations, created solely through the use of colour. My ideas are stimulated by direct external experience and I have always worked in series to see how far I can develop distinctive ideas from the same basic visual materials.


I am interested in different kinds of arenas, sometimes the painting itself is the arena while at other times actual environments have been the trigger. Some works are contemplative and calm others mesmeric and cacophonous.




Northampton High School


Northampton school of Art 1950-1954


Royal College of Art 1956-1959


Exhibitions and Collections:


New Art Centre, London – joint exhibition


New Vision Centre, London – joint exhibition


Swiss Triennial 1964


Exhibition British Artists to Scandinavia


Royal College of Art ‘past fifteen years’


Arts council touring show – 40 British Artists – Far East and the US


16 Artists – Tokyo, Japan, Nantenshi Gallery, Japan


Contemporary British artists ICA Galleries


Zwemmer Gallery, London


Osborn Gallery, New York


British government collection


Metro Museum of Modern Art, New York


Japanese National Collection


Cuban Embassy, London


Rank Foundation collection


Various education committees, UK