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Michael Andrews RA

Fellowship:  February 1958 – June 1960 Digswell House

Artform: Painting


Michael Andrews (30 October 1928, Norwich, England – 19 July 1995) studied at the Slade School of Fine Art under William Coldstream and briefly in Italy. From 1959, he taught at the Slade and Chelsea School of Art.


In the 1960s he painted works showing parties; later, the “Lights” series presented views from the air. Andrews was much impressed by a visit to Ayers Rock in 1983, but the works he produced toward the end of his life are of scenes from Scotland and London.


In 1981 he moved to the village of Saxlingham, Nethergate in his home county of Norfolk. He was a member of the Norwich Twenty Group.


He painted Sax AD 832 in 1982 to celebrate 1,150 years of the village’s history. The painting was auctioned at Christie’s London on June 20, 2007 and was sold for £692,000. Major exhibitions of Andrews’ works were held by the Arts Council in 1981 and Tate Britain in 2001.