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Peter Hand

Fellowship:  March 1957 – October 1959 Digswell House

Artform: Sculpture

Website: www.peter-hand-sculpture.co.uk

Peter Hand – Date of Birth – 20.7.1928 – Goldsmiths College – 1950-1954

After completing my training as a sculptor at Goldsmiths College in 1954, the next few years were spent hussling for small sculpture commissions while researching into new methods and the new materials such as synthetic resins which were just emerging on the scene.

During this time I completed several wood carving commissions as well as figurative work cast in ciment fondu and early experiments with resins.

In 1956 I was invited to participate in the founding of the Digswell House Scheme, an event which corresponded with the obtaining of a large stone carving commission to participate in restoration work at Southwell Minster in Nottingham, a series of carvings which were not completed till 1960.

In 1959 I left the Digswell scheme and moved to Bournemouth, where I had a part-time teaching post in the Sculpture Department.

While there I was commissioned to make some timber constructed Play Sculptures for a local Arndale Centre. These were very well received and from then on a stream of property development corporations offered me commissions for similar shopping malls throughout the country. These projects constructed variously in hard woods, tubular steel and fibre glass kept me very busy for about 20 years.

In 1985 I went to live in Italy, ostensibly to set up an Arts Study Centre, and from there completed my last Play Sculpture project which was exported back to the UK.

By this time I felt I had explored all the possibilities of Play Sculptures, and decided to concentrate on the much smaller and more personal, multi-media fantasies which are illustrated herewith and can be seen on my web site. These are essentially exhibition pieces, and were shown in Italy and Switzerland while I was still living on the continent.

Since my return to England in 1993 I have had occasional public exhibitions, and my collection is maintained as a Standing Exhibition at my own small gallery in Dorset.

These recent sculptures consist of very realistic, small-scale painted figures, placed in appropriate, illuminated environments. The expertise with various materials and techniques which I have acquired over the 50 years I have been making sculpture enable me to use many media in the production of these elaborate fantasies which are based on a variety of themes embracing myths, legends, psychological archetypes and direct observation.


Commissioned Work:


Messrs Shaw Saville – 1954-5

Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd – 1955

Pacific Steam Navigation – 1956

Messrs Barclay Perkins – 1956

Church Commissioners – 1956-60

Messrs Ind Coope – 1957

Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd – 1960-61

Leicester Permanent Building Society – 1960

Royal Mail Lines – 1961

Series of 36 play sculptures for shopping malls – 1965 – 1986

Commissioned by Arndale Centres – 1965 – 1986

Town & City Properties, Trafalgar House etc – 1965 – 1986




One man shows in:

Montecastello, Italy – 1986

Reggio Emilia, Italy – 1987

Pontedera, Italy – 1988

Pisa, Italy – 1988

Zurich, Switzerland – 1990

Geneva, Switzerland – 1990

Stalybridge, Greater Manchester – 1996

Special Exhibition DACA, Bovington – 2004

Also participant DAWA Open Studio events – 2002, 2004, 2006