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Ella Carty

 Ella’s work uses a variety of materials and is loosely concerned with sensation and expression, often reflecting upon remembered feelings, people or places.

 ‘I’m interested in the task of representing emotion and making images out of feelings. This is usually an instinctive process. I like to react to what happens during the making of the piece, so that it takes on a life and direction of its own: like a writer creating characters in a novel that begin to exist separately from the author.’

 ‘I rarely have an ultimate plan for a picture, I want to be surprised. I would get bored if I followed a procedure.’

Ella studied Art Foundation at the University of Hertfordshire in 1990 and Fine Art: Painting at Cheltenham College of Art from 1991-94.

Email: ellalcarty@gmail.com

Website: www.ellacarty.com