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Martin Ehweiner

martinspicI am an Austrian artist. Most of the time i am working with oil paints and charcoals on big canvases. I draw and paint human faces and bodies and to me its very important to work out the eyes as they represent the windows to the soul. I think its a very interesting process to let a painting grow, layer for layer, to give each painting the time it needs to develop and get alive. Its not just painting, its a ritual! I believe that a piece of art needs that kind of personal treatment to get something like a personality. Every single painting is a new mission. Its not always fun. Its not a hobby. Its a passion. Art includes up and downs. There are always some kind of problems and often solutions. It needs that  mix of care and risk and a good feeling for the right timing. I can find happiness up to ecstasy but also sadness and frustration. And sometimes when i finish a piece of work there is satisfaction and salvation. I like the possibility to surprise myself.Although that does not happen always in a good way. But when it does it is great and really motivating. There is hardly anything better than standing in front of a finished  painting or drawing and to feel proud. I love that. And to be honest, it is really nice to get compliments for what i do, because at the end I want to sell my work.