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Sue Leon



I am principally a sculptor but I also work with photography, video and other media as ideas suggest themselves to me. My inspiration is absurdity, mystery and intrigue that reflects the way I see the world we have shaped. I have also produced a number of satirical pieces that are direct responses to news items. I enjoy producing art that captivates the viewer and draws them in for a closer look. My starting point is often a found object that cries out for transformation into something different.


My recent degree show had three distinct sections. The first was an installation that included a TV on skateboards, a piano with an undulating keyboard and a chair appearing to topple over in the exuberant pose of a child on a bike freewheeling down a hill. The second comprised enigmatic photographs of momentary sculptures. The final section involved satire and comprised the world’s richest 8 people etched in gold acrylic.


Web site: sueleonfineart.com