Permindar Kaur awarded Arts Council Grant for the Arts

PermindaurPermindar Kaur, Digswell Arts Trust fellow at the Forge Site,  has received an Arts Council Grant for the Arts Award for her forthcoming exhibition at Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham in May 2014.

The grant will enable her to produce a number of large-scale works for the show.

“My work investigates integration and belonging, and in particular cultural identity and childhood. Through the exploration of adaption, mimicry and mirroring, I examine different strategies of integration and assimilation. I aim to challenge cultural constraints, acceptability and the rejection of difference. I create ‘barriers’ in the form of doors, curtains, windows or veils, and other symbols of self-protection, such as figures with helmets, claws, armour or chain-mail”.

Djanogly Art Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham is a leading University-funded public art gallery.