Sally Tyre and Ross Loveday exhibit with Late November Gallery

Blind by Sally TyrieDigswell Arts Print members Sally Tyrie and Ross Loveday have been invited to show their work at the opening exhibition of a new gallery at Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
The gallery called the ‘Late November Gallery’, is a venture by acclaimed Welsh Artist Anne Kerr and aims to ‘showcase an array of quality past and present artists ranging from Ceramicists, Painters and Print Makers to emerging artists’.
The opening exhibition, which runs from Saturday 12th April, will also feature work by established names such as John Piper, Henry Moore and Neil Canning.
Ross will be exhibiting some of his dry point carborundum prints and Sally a series of works, inspired by the scientist Alfred Russell Wallace, which use monoprint, collage and stitch on book pages.

gallery website   http://www.thelatenovembergallery.co.uk

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