Sarah Rooms Heaphy

Sarah graduated from and worked within the Fashion & Textiles Industry as a Buyer for 10 years. For the last 18 years she has developed her craft & progressed through continuous learning within ceramics.  She moved through the City & Guilds creative arts programme and then a teaching PTTLS qualification. Alongside Sarah’s ceramic practise Sarah has, during her ceramics career, run a ceramic workshop within West Herts College, demonstrated her work within schools and exhibited in multiple galleries, shows and larger exhibitions and participated in international competition.

Sarah has a love of the beach and coastline…calming effects of the sea…. contrast of the rough cliffs and stones against the flat sand…collecting stones…. unconsciously stacking pebbles… … smooth against rough…geological strata…matt vs. shiny…dry vs. wet…nature…cliff top walks…. Clouds chasing across the sky…. Intensely contrasting colours….
An accumulative inspiration.

Sarah spends time using photography, sketching and collecting textures from the coast; throughout the beauty of summer and wildness of winter. All designed to recapturing the calming mind-set the sea inspires in her. She uses painting, sketchbooks and abstracting source material to create colours and textures for her 3-d work. Originally making traditional pots and vessels, Sarah is now experimenting with flat surfaces and large sculptural forms. A true challenge when hand building with porcelain clay. Sarah is using her Fellowship to further experimentation and play with her work.

Living in Cambridge.
Member of Anglian Potters, CPA & Icknield Potters Association. Exhibiting at shows and galleries across South of England & Wales.

Art in Clay 2018- 2011
Waterperry Gallery, Oxfordshire
Marine House Gallery, Beer, Dorset
Obsidian Gallery, Stoke Mandeville
Byard Gallery, Cambridge

Instagram @roomsheaphyceramics

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