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Sewing  Workshops with Kirke Raava

Autumn Textile and Sewing  workshops at The Forge

Kirke Raava is offering evening workshops with her “I Made This!” series. She believes that being creative means to create art that represents you and your journey, and of course have fun. The workshop is for a small group of people, coming together on a Saturday evening to relax and socialise with like-minded people.

“I Made this” , Needle felting and embellishing workshops

Saturday 8th of September 6-8.30pm

Saturday 22nd of September 6-8.30pm

Saturday 20th of October, 6-8.30pm

Christmas themed workshops-

Saturday 17th of November, 6-8.30pm

Saturday 8th of December, 6-8.30 pm

Come and enjoy a relaxing evening socialising while being creative and learning something new. This evening workshop is teaching you different textile techniques like needle felting, embroidery and embellishing. You have an opportunity to create a piece of art that you can take home, which you can proudly declare “I Made This!”

When you arrive, Kirke will get you settled and then will run through with you all the samples and the different techniques; explaining you step by step the varied methods.Then you will have the opportunity to make some samples of your chosen techniques. Rest of the evening you can create your designed piece while Kirke will be on hand to assist and help. You will also receive your personal folder with a doodling pad and instruction manual for the different stitches. Making sure that when you go home and look back at your notes you can work independently This workshop is suitable to anyone interested in needle felting, embroidery and different embellishing techniques.

* No previous experience necessary.

* We provide all the machines and materials.

* You’ll have a chance to make a finished wall hanging, framed artwork,pin cushion etc. Alternatively, you can use this workshop to make lots of experiments and samples for your project to come.

* We provide the refreshments, and you are welcome to bring a bottle if you fancy.

* We will have little felting kits available for you to purchase.

* The price for this workshop is £30, card payments accepted.. Space is limited, so please book early, by emailing contact@kirkeraava.com or calling on 07824387067

“I Made this” Festive Bunting sewing workshop

Make your own festive Christmas bunting to decorate your house.

This workshop is perfect for people who have basic sewing machine skills. We will be making fun and pretty bunting.  You will learn how to measure and cut the bunting flags, sew them on the machine and attach them to bias tape, ready to decorate your house at Christmas. You also take away the skills to go on to make bunting for any special occasion

All materials included, if you have some special fabric that you want to use you are welcome to bring that along. Sewing machines provided, if you have a machine you want to use you can bring the machine with you.

Saturday 6th of October, 6-8.30 pm

Saturday 24th of November, 6-8.30 pm

Saturday 15th of December, 6-8.30 pm

The price for this workshop is £30 (card payments accepted).

We provide the refreshments tea, coffee and nibbles and you are welcome to bring a bottle if you fancy.

Space is limited, so please book early, by emailing contact@kirkeraava.com or calling on 07824387067

“I Made this” Rag Doll making workshop

Come and spend your Saturday afternoon making your own ragdoll. The doll we are planning to make are approximately 40 cm long with long dangly legs and hands. Hair is made with felt and decoratively stitched on. You can make hair bows and other accessories.

Perfect for the intermediate sewers,

We will choose the colours of the doll and use simple embroidery skills to create the face for your chosen doll design . You can also embroider the name to the back of the doll to make it extra special. The aim for this workshop is to finish the doll with a lovely outfit for you to take home and treasure it.Perfect to make it for Christmas present.

Saturday 10th of November 4-8pm

All materials are included for this workshop, if you have some precious baby clothes you want to make it for the outfit, please take it with you. We provide the refreshments, and you are welcome to bring a bottle if you fancy.

This workshop cost £35, card payments accepted

Spaces are limited so book early by emailing contact@kirkeraava.com or calling Kirke on 07824387067

One to one Sewing tutorials

Wednesday mornings 9.30-12.30

Do you have a sewing machine and ideas but don’t know where to star? Come and see Kirke and she will help you on with her knowledge and skills. Each sessions is tailored around for your needs and skill level. Kirke will make sure that you gain the confidence to use the machine and have a good basic skills to take on more complicated projects.

Bring your machine

3 hours session costs for one person £30,

You can come with a friend costing  £50

All refreshments provided. If you want to have a chat first with Kirke contact her on 07824387067 or email her: contact@kirkeraava.com

About Kirke Raava.

When Kirke isn’t working in her studio at the Forge, she works at the University of Hertfordshire where she helps BA Fashion students realise their creative collections. Her long career working in the fashion industry, and her degree from Middlesex University in Jewellery & Accessories gives her a unique perspective that is very apparent in her work. She enjoys to create space for creativity and help adults to learn new skills. Her personal interests are textile design, printmaking, embroidery and creating Crochet lace. Which you can see all around you in her studio when coming to her workshops.

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